Related Organizations

The following organizations also seek open inquiry in academia, and are listed for your reference. They provide a wide variety of perspectives and an abundance of resources for those who wish to learn more. Please note that HAFFS does not speak on their behalf, nor do they speak for HAFFS.

Dartmouth Free Speech Alliance

Bucknell – Open Discourse Coalition

James Madison University – Madison Cabinet for Free Speech

Macalester College – Macalester Alumni of Moderation

Stanford Alumni for Free Speech and Critical Thinking

Academic Freedom Alliance:

AFSA – Alumni Free Speech Alliance:

American Council of Trustees and Alumni:

Cornell Free Speech Alliance:

FAIR Harvard

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)

Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse (Davidson College):

Alumni/Alumnae Coalition for Lafayette (Lafayette College):

MIT Free Speech Alliance (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):

Princetonians for Free Speech (Princeton University):

The Jefferson Council (University of Virginia):

The Spirit of VMI (Virginia Military Institute):

The General’s Redoubt (Washington & Lee University):

Alumni for the Wofford Way (Wofford College):

Fight for Yale’s Future (Yale University):

UNC Free Speech Alliance (University of North Carolina):