Free Speech at Harvard

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On Nov. 4, 2023, Harvard alumnus Bill Ackman posted an open letter to Harvard President Claudine Gay about Harvard’s failure to communicate appropriately after the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack. The letter notes Harvard’s failures in the area of free speech, and proposes concrete action.

Harvard’s Double Standard on Free Speech by John Tierney (Oct. 29, 2023)

“On Free Speech, Harvard Fails with Flying Colors” – FIRE Quarterly, Fall 2023

The College Fix interviewed experts on administrative growth at Harvard, and concluded that having 2,600 more administrators than undergrads may negatively impact upon free speech.

Now Is the Time for Administrators to Embrace Neutrality,” by HAFFS Advisory Board Member, current professor of medicine and former Dean of the Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey Flier.  (October 13, 2023)

“About Those Free Speech Rankings” – The Harvard Crimson Discusses the FIRE 2023 Campus Free Speech Survey Results


Does Harvard Have an Academic Freedom Problem? by The Harvard Crimson

More Than 70 Harvard Faculty Form Council on Academic Freedom, Co-Led by Steven Pinker

WSJ: Harvard Has a Free Speech Moment

Boston Globe: New faculty-led organization at Harvard will defend academic freedom

The Cancellation of Professor Roland Fryer by Rob Montz

Harvard alumni form group to fight for free speech on campus

Harvey For Harvard By Jeff Jacoby

2022 FIRE Rankings for Harvard

Harvard Faculty Don’t Want Dissonance

Canceled by Harvard: An Evening With Dr. Devin Buckley

Harvard B School Club’s “Free Speech” Series Censors Itself 


The Harvard Bait & Switch: Harvey Silverglate on the University’s Free Speech Fakery