Our mission statement: Harvard Alumni for Free Speech is dedicated to preserving and promoting free expression, academic freedom, and viewpoint diversity throughout the global Harvard-Radcliffe community.

Who we are: We are a non-political, non-partisan, and independent corporation, open to all members of the global Harvard-Radcliffe community, including students, alumni, faculty, and administrators. HAFFS is not a unit of, affiliated with, or in any way endorsed by Harvard University.

We are a volunteer organization with no paid staff at this time. If you agree with our mission and wish to support our efforts, please volunteer to help by emailing us at Contact@HarvardAlumniforFreeSpeech.com. If you would like to hear from us on an ongoing basis, please subscribe to our email list, which is not made public.

HAFFS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Board of Directors:

George Kurzon, President (Harvard College, 1951)
William Schmalzl, Secretary and Treasurer (Harvard Law School, 1977)
John O’Donnell (Harvard Business School, 1977)

Advisory Board:

John Evangelakos, Chair (Harvard College, 1981)
Carl Neuss (Harvard Business School, 1985)
Dorian Abbot (Harvard College, 2004, PhD 2008)
Rebecca Chamian Ribaudo (Harvard College, 1993)
Samuel J. Abrams (Harvard University M.A., Ph.D. 2010)
Alan R. Borlack (Harvard Law School, JD, 1972)
Jason H. P. Kravitt (Harvard Law School, JD, 1972)
Jeremy Silverman (Harvard Business School, 1981)
Ken Perlman (Harvard Law School, 1972)
Julie Hartman (Harvard College, 2022)
Marc Rotenberg (Harvard College, 1982)
Jeffrey S. Flier (Dean, Harvard Medical School, 2007-2016)
Stephen M. Kotran (Harvard College, 1985)
J. Kennerly Davis, Jr. (Harvard Law School, 1974)
Kerry McDonald (Harvard University, 2001)
Adam Kissel (Harvard College,1994)
Edward J. Hall (Harvard, Norman E. Vuilleumier Professor of Philosophy)
Mark Ramseyer (Harvard Law School, 1982)
Alexandra Mihalas (Harvard Law School, 1991)
Lachlan Forrow (Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School)
Richard Parker (Williams Professor of Justice, Harvard Law School)
Nadine Strossen (Harvard College 1972, Harvard Law School 1975)
Sarah May Stern (Harvard Business School, 1985)
Jesse M. Fried (Harvard College,1986; Harvard GSAS,1989; Harvard Law School 1992; Dane Professor of  Law, Harvard Law School)

Of Counsel:

Filiberto Agusti (Harvard Law School, 1977)